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Ever since I got to college, I’ve been wanting to create a website, not about me, but just a fun site with content people would enjoy. Little did I know that two years later creating a website was going to be the final project for a class, and after hours and hours of building, editing, and revising, I’ve created my very own website. Even though it was very challenging and time consuming, I consider it to be a great tool for this up coming months in which I will be looking for internships and possible job opportunities. Therefore, in the website, you will find a compilation of all the projects I did this fall semester in my Digital Communications Class, and my resume. So go ahead and check it out!


Golf: The Greatest Game Ever Played Video

After hours and hours of filming, editing, and UPLOADING, my video is finalized! This is the first time I make a video, not only in Adobe Premiere, but in my entire life. It was definitely a challenging experience, but an amazing way to start learning how to make and edit videos. My purpose was to show the game of Golf as fun and enjoyable, from perspective of young, and older players, as well as coaches. For many people, Golf seems to be a “boring” sport, where silence and etiquette prevails. Even though I wanted to maintain that ideology, I tried to add some fun to it! Hope you guys like it!

The Search For Content

Why do you people watch TV? For entertainment, to gain knowledge, to learn about the news, or to fulfill any desire one can have. Same happens when we talk about the web. Why do people visit sites? They are searching for content. Therefore, web designers are doomed to dedicate most of their time in building websites that provide the audience with the content they need, in the easiest, most accurate way possible. Continue reading

A Glance into the World of Website Design

Today, electronic media has revolutionized the way we interact, think, work, and communicate with one another. It has blurred the barriers of established concepts such as place, roles, age, and life situations. Hence, we have access to all kinds of information that was restricted in years before, and in a matter of a click, a quick search, we can experience different worlds, and expand our horizon. Such development has produce dan amazingly competetive industry, in which every day, millions of people are launching new websites, new platforms to get viewers and visitors, and buy their products, services, or just interact with their site. Continue reading

A Video Editor: An Unsung Hero

Whenever I watch PGA Golf tournaments on TV I think to myself, “WOW those guys make golf seem so easy!”. It seems as if it was natural and relaxed. But since I am a golfer too, I then realize professional golfer have to work extremely hard to make such a complex sport seem that easy. There’s so much that goes on behind a golf round, a shot, a putt. The routine, the thoughts that cross a players mind, the wind at the moment, and so many other factors and fundamentals that a golfer has to take in account to execute a good shot. In TV we just het to see an easy-flowing swing, and the best shots of the best players on the field. Well, when it comes to video editing, the editor experiences the same as a professional golfer. There is so much that goes in editing and getting a video ready to be published. But we, the audience, only get to see the result. Continue reading

Furman Women’s Golf Slideshow

My slideshow is a combination of team pictures that capture my favorite moments of being a Furman golfer, action shots, and up beat moments. The REK center is where we practice and warm up for rounds, and the Furman golf course is where we play most times and we have our home tournament. The most challenging part of this project was to pick only 20 pictures from all the ones I took, and in the process of editing it was difficult to decide when the picture was done and ready to be published. Continue reading